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  • Are your talent retention rates low?
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    Optimize Your Training Program in a Few Steps

    ARCHway specializes in adult learning through research-based methods of co-active coaching, motivation, decision-making and behavior change psychology, and creative self-expression.



    Identify business goals and problems with the current training program(s).



    Design custom learning content and knowledge tests based on our analysis.



    Deliver and test your new content with hands-on coaching and support.



    Evaluate results based on learner satisfaction, behavioral changes, and performance.

    Together we make Learning Simplified

    The ARCHway Difference

    Our curated training programs go beyond the ordinary to maximize engagement, retention, and performance. We integrate first-class video production and interactive coursework to create an unparalleled learning experience that inspires and elevates. We form long-term partnerships and provide ongoing support to create a culture that fosters growth, motivation, and excellence.

    Group of workers

    What We Offer

    Blended learning

    Engaging e-Courses & Blended Learning

    Produce expert-led e-courses that apply virtual lessons to real life scenarios through interactive learning modules, flexible microlearning networks, chatbot coaching, and serious games.

    Group speaker

    Unique Live Workshops & Webinars

    Develop interactive workshops created by industry experts and led by our facilitators or your team with train-the-trainer to enhance the learning experience.

    Video set

    On-Demand Video Content

    Design and fully produce custom video content based on your unique business and learning goals that engages, entertains, and educates employees to maximize learning.


    Streamlined Onboarding & Orientation

    Develop an unforgettable orientation experience centered around building a meaningful company culture that motivates, inspires, and retains employees.

    Learning management system

    Curated Learning Management Systems

    Identify business goals to negotiate and deliver the best LMS available in the market to help your company save time, costs, and effort when launching and tracking learning programs.

    Group learning

    Comprehensive Learning Strategies

    Cultivate largescale strategies that help business owners understand and fill training gaps, enhance learning programs, audit effectiveness, and analyze employee performance.

    Case Studies

    Live Instructor Led Workshop

    Non-Profit Professional Association

    The Problem:

    The association had an existing 2-day workshop with dated content and formatting that was not engaging to learners. Subject matter experts with highly technical engineering and chemical knowledge were needed to come together to update and improve the workshop experience.

    On-Demand Video Onboarding and Interactive Book

    Regional Senior Housing Organization

    Learning Need:

    The CEO and Director of HR were seeing a lack of new employees understanding the company’s vision and mission and wanted to streamline a clear and consistent method of delivering the message. They needed to tell the company’s story in a way that would welcome newly hired employees and invigorate the culture within the existing teams.

    Interactive eLearning Orientation

    Local In-Home Adult Care Services Agency

    Learning Need:

    The owners had delivered in-person orientation every week for 10 years and were burned out while also considering growing the business into new territories where it would be impossible to facilitate the in- person orientation themselves.

    Micro Learning and Gamification

    Hotel Franchise Location

    Learning Need:

    The owners had delivered in-person orientation every week for 10 years and were burned out while also considering growing the business into new territories where it would be impossible to facilitate the in- person orientation themselves.

    Coaching engagement

    Coaching Engagements

    ARCHway specializes in adult learning through research-based methods of co-active coaching, motivation, decision-making and behavior change psychology, and creative self-expression.

    • ARCHway provides 1-1 and small group coaching programs that are either curriculum-based with specific developed content, custom-designed to specific client business goals, or individualized to the coachee’s unique needs.
    • Sales Coaching for Senior Living with ALL ABOUT THEM Masterclass and ALL ABOUT THEM Rehearsals
    • Certified coaching for content from The Culture Works ™ and Fierce®
    • Business practice reviews, market and competitive analysis, and mystery shops are available as part of or a prelude to coaching engagements.

    Speaking Engagements

    ARCHway facilitates small-group workshops, large group presentations, and keynote addresses on relevant topics.

    • Dynamic speaking approach that focuses on engaging the audience
    • Multiple learning styles, senses, and action items
    • Best practice for creating the right culture and motivating employees
    • Cross-generational communication styles
    • Improving organizational commitment
    • Leveraging emotional intelligence in conversation
    • Reflecting and reducing stress
    • Coaching mindsets and leadership
    Speaking engagement
    Amber Carlson-Hays

    ARCHway Leaning Solutions

    Amber Carlson-Hays


    Amber Carlson-Hays has designed learning solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries for over a decade. She has a master’s degree in organizational development and leadership, a Master Trainer designation from the Association of Talent Development, a 2021 international award for Excellence in Education from the Global Forum of Education and Learning, and is a keynote speaker on leadership.

    She specializes in leading teams to create learning strategies that align with business goals and support the transformation of learners through proven dynamic processes. Amber is passionate about creating learning experiences that reinforce company culture, celebrate diversity, challenge individual and team growth, and maximize learning while remaining fun, dynamic, and enlightening. Amber and her team provide engaging and memorable learning programs at the highest level of flexibility, quality, and ROI.


    Testimonials from Recent Clients

    Working with Archway Learning Solutions proved to be a great business decision through and through. Amber Carlson-Hays and her team were able to take my vision of having an interactive employee orientation program and make it a reality. Her team is professional and easy to work with. What could have been a stressful project wasn’t because of their patience, expertise, and dedication to making sure I was satisfied with the end product. We are thrilled with our program and the results it is producing. I highly recommend Archway Learning Solutions to anyone that is considering working with them!

    Patricia and Robert Winiecki

    Assisting Hands
    Franchise Owners and Operators

    Archway Learning Solutions is our go-to when it appears there is no way we can get a task accomplished in providing education to our industry.  When we looked at the tasks ahead of us in implementing a new online LMS learning platform for our industry, we were overwhelmed by the enormity of the process.  Thankfully, Amber with Archway Learning Solutions broke it down piece by piece and walked us through every step of the way.

    Archway sourced several options that could be good for us and helped us to determine pros and cons of each company, gravitating us to a decision.  Once the supplier decision was made, they walked us through each step of the implementation process and provide much needed expertise in figuring out what was best for our industry and our association resources.  They even helped with developing the logo that we would use to brand the system in our organization and industry. Once we had the system up and running, Archway worked with us to video our conference educational sessions, develop webinars working with our speakers to provide the best event and turned them into top-notch content for our new educational platform.

    For a small association with stretched resources, Archway has become a part of our team for things that we can not handle inhouse, but long to provide for our industry.  They are the best partner, they listens to our ideas and struggles, and they make a way for our small association to do BIG things!

    Thank you, Amber and Archway, for being a part of our team!

    Karen McGlothlin

    The Electrocoat Association
    Executive Director

    Archway Learning Solutions has made training our front desk staff so much faster and easier. We were having to re-teach our team several times and were still finding that they were making mistakes with a new software which was costing us. Archway’s team found that there were three common mistakes and helped us develop and roll-out an online process to help the team learn the new software. Archway made learning the new system easier, faster, and with fewer errors than the training created by the software team.

    Working with Archway improved our staff and helped us solve an issue that we could not figure out on our own. We appreciate Archway’s expertise and candor on this project which was critical to making this change happen. Thank you to Archway for the excellent job! We know where to go when we need to create training programs.

    Ti Hays and Alan Orn

    Howard Johnson
    Co-owners and Operators

    I am so fortunate to have met Amber and her ARCHway team.  I had a vision a couple years ago of an employee orientation program I wanted to incorporate into our company and presented the idea to Amber. That is all it took – she took it from there and created an end result that was dynamic!

    The ARCHway team, negotiated with Learning Management System providers, evaluated the company’s culture, produced videos that gave a first-hand look of employee positions, and created an amazing interactive online orientation book that left our new hires with a welcoming feeling to our organization.

    With a change in my career journey, I found myself wanting something similar for my new organization and I knew exactly who to call!  Once again, Amber and her team are not swayed by the complex project I am looking for and I am so excited to be working with them again knowing the final outcome will be AWESOME.

    Karen Ketterer

    Judson Senior Living and Certus Healthcare
    Corporate Director of Human Resources

    Working with Archway Learning Solutions has brought a new level of training opportunity to our workforce. Archway brought additional bandwidth to our Learning & Development department and because of that, we were better able to meet our sales team’s training needs. Without Archway, we are unable to offer the practicums necessary for behavior change. Even though we had a training department, we chose to work with Archway as they brought an additional perspective to our training, and we were able to extend the depth of training we offer. Archway Learning Solutions makes it possible to offer the level of training we want to provide our employees through Archway’s expertise in learning and development.

    Cindy Ames

    Senior Lifestyle
    National Director of Learning and Development

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Analysis of the need, business goals, audience, performance impact and resources to determine the best learning options.
    2. Collaboration of the subject matter experts and stakeholders to determine the “need to know” and “nice to know” content that is to be included in the course that will meet the requirements.
    3. Design with a blueprint or storyboard to work through content, brand-specific requirements, interactive experiences, and visual/auditory elements.
    4. Development begins once the client approves all aspects of design. Following the learning principle to reduce on-screen text and focus more on visuals, stories, examples, and interactions, the instructional designers follow the blueprint and develop the course content to include all necessary elements.
    5. Review and revisions are needed to fine-tune to delivery of the content to ensure technical accuracy while ensuring the content remains accessible and easily understood by the target audience. Quality assurance checks for errors in spelling, grammar, and style continuity.
    6. Test group pilot is conducted to work out any final adjustments from feedback provided by all stakeholders and the target-audience.
    7. Implementation roll out delivered to the wider target audience with quality checks conducted after the first group(s) complete the learning and provide feedback. At this time, most adjustments are minor and are quickly adjusted.
    8. Evaluation is completed to ensure that the learning program met the determined needs, business goals, audience needs, and performance impact. These evaluations can include options such as survey-based audience reactions, knowledge tests, behavior change checks, business results, and ROI.


    Complexity and customization are the biggest impacts on cost for learning development. ARCHway conducts an analysis at the beginning to ensure that any training plan will meet the desired needs and that a training intervention is necessary to make impact.

    The best answer is both. Blended learning approaches spaced over time have been proven to provide the best overall results for understanding, knowledge retention, and application. This isn’t always the case depending on the desired learning outcome, but is the general rule. If it is necessary to choose between these two options, then the answer will be based on the amount of content and how the learners will have access to the learning. Both learning methods are useful to making impact.

    Yes! ARCHway can help to improve any presentation and will follow the same instructional design process to consider the best changes to be made to take the presentation to the next level and make the instructor the star at their next presentation. ARCHway can also coach on facilitation practices to improve speaking presence and training facilitation for the presenter.

    ARCHway’s specializations can make the greatest impact where additional targeted coaching, topic-specific workshops, larger scale development, or filling a gap while hiring a new training department employee. Working WITH an existing department is an important role of any third-party group and ARCHway focuses on ensuring open communication, collaborative approach, and leaving the project with all teams on the same page to move forward. ARCHway’s coaching workshop content can be a great addition to current internal coaching programs to promote further knowledge, accountability, and employee commitment.

    Employee Training Evolved

    First-Class Learning Experiences Designed to Elevate, Engage & Empower

    • Is your current training program outdated?
    • Are your talent retention rates low?
    • Could employee performance & engagement be better?
    • Do you need help building the right culture?

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